About Us

  • APT is a leader in power conversion systems and Its specialty is design, developing and manufacturing of high and low voltage power supplies for military, and industrial applications.
  • APT was established in 1985 by experienced hi-tech engineers. It employs electronic and mechanic engineers, technicians and production workers.
  • APT’s power supplies are designed, developed, assembled and tested in house. The laboratories and assembly lines, ESD protected, use advanced technological equipment and automation, under the strict conditions of quality control.
  • APT’s customers are the leading military and industrial companies in Israel.
  • APT’s production procedures U.S Mil Spec standards.
  • APT has implemented and maintains a QM System, which fulfills requirements of ISO 9001-2000 approved by IQNet and the Standards Institution of Israel.



APT’s Capabilities

  • Design and production of high voltage high-reliability power supplies for Head Up Displays and Ring Laser gyros.
  • Design and production of military and industrial low voltage, high density, multi-output power supplies.
  • Design and production of power supplies for RADAR, ECM and communications.
  • Build to print (OEM): SMT and Through Hole
  • Design and production of special test equipment for high voltage measurements.

APT is a part of sophisticated group that specializes in design and manufacturing high voltage power supplies and gives engineering and technological solutions in this exclusive field.




  • Computerized system based Software for planning tracking and controlling all company activities.
  • High quality assembly station fully ESD protected.
  • Temperature and Vacuum chambers for chemical process.
  • SMT assembly station including Screen Printer, Pick and Place and Reflow machines.
  • Temperature cycling chamber for environmental test
  • CCD computer based camera for inspection
  • High standard Electrical Test Equipment
  • CNC milling workshop
  • 3D rapid prototype printer