Reliable and Efficient Low Voltage Power Supply custom designed for use in airborne military equipment

Input AC Voltage: 115VAC 3Ph. 400Hz
DC Voltage: 28VDC
Power Consumption: 130VA (AC Line)
52W (DC Line)
Outputs 5.2VDC + 2%, 1.2A
12.5VDC + 3%, 2.5A (x2)
15VDC + 2%, 0.7A (x2)
6.4VDC + 1%, 0.7A
adj 0.5VDC to 7VDC ,3A (from 28VDC line)
5.2VDC + 2%, 3A (from 28VDC line)
Protection: Over Voltage, Current Limit, Thermal Protection, Automatic reset
RFI/EMI: In accordance with MIL-STD-461B
Environmental Altitude: 70,000 feet
Operation temperature: -40°c to 85°c
Storage temperature: -54°c to 100°c
Humidity and Salt atmosphere: per MIL-STD-810C
Shock and Vibration: per MIL-STD-810C
Dimensions(mm) 185x145x120