High Voltage Power Supply custom designed for use with airborne CRT applications

Input +11VDC to +16VDC
Input standard MIL-STD-704A
Outputs Anode: 15KVDC
Current: 250μA
Ripple: 5V peak to peak
Regulation: +0.2%
Focus: Adj 820VDC to 1620VDC
Current: 750μA
Ripple: 3V peak to peak
Regulation: +0.2%
Grid: 100VDC
Current: 30mA
Ripple: 0.1V peak to peak
Regulation: +0.2%
Cut off: 100VDC
Current: 3mA
Protection Over and Under Voltage, Current Limit, ARC, BIT, Automatic reset
Environmental Altitude: 70,000 feet
Operation temperature: -40°c to 85°c
Storage temperature: -54°c to 100°c
Humidity and Salt atmosphere: per MIL-STD-810C
Shock  and Vibration: per MIL-STD-810C
RFI/EMI In accordance with MIL-STD-461B
Dimensions(mm) 120.0×117.0x46.0